Meet the Band

The band met through a mutual love of the Beatles in 2019.

Our John – Mike Franey – Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Keys

Mike is a music tutor. He runs the Liverpool Music Service and grades exams for the London College of music. He has played with such luminaries as Roger Hodgson(Supertamp) and Neil Finn(Crowded House). He follows his football team around Europe and is particularly fond of the Espana trips.

Our Paul – Andy McCormack – Vocals, Bass

Andy is a singer songwriter who enjoys writing, recording and releasing his own music under the moniker Badge Mack where he plays all instruments. His normal instrument is lead guitar. By day he works for NHS pathology and is normally too laid back for his own good.

Our George – James Gee – Vocals, Guitars

James is a multi-instrumentalist and normally plays bass. He has a passion for vintage motor cars, collecting old vinyl and spinning a few yarns. He is an excellent photographer and also a keen saxophonist.

Our Ringo – Mike Bezzo – Drums

Also a multi-instrumentalist, can be found singing and playing guitar in various Liverpool venues. Has travelled deeper into the music industry than he cares to mention. He loves his football… also drives a very flash jam jar.